Friday, June 27, 2014

I've Seen it All

I've been working hard to tame the inflatable herd. Even though I'm down to three horses and a little pony, they are still more than a handful. With a lot of petting sessions and some major lectures on appropriate equine behavior, I've finally been able to let them out of the barn. As it was a warm day, I decided to reward them with a splash in the waterfall. At first they seemed to be having a good time. Even my little pony looked more confident around the horses. 

She even ventured out of her own and had a little taste of the ivy. 

Then I heard a shrill scream come from high up in the trees. Just what I needed. Now the rest of the horses are going to run away. Before they could figure out what to do, something jumped down from the trees and landed right next to the pondl. I blinked twice. I couldn't believe who showed up on the scene.

A balloon monkey? Where the heck did he come from? I stood frozen not knowing what to do. Will the horses and pony run away and I'll just be left with a stupid balloon monkey? Thankfully the horses and the pony were just as puzzled. They just stood watching while the monkey hopped from plant to plant. Then something amazing happened. The horses began to play with the monkey. 

 So instead of just taking care of a herd of inflatable horses and a little pink pony, I guess I'm starting a zoo. Will the other horses ever return? What kind of animal is going to show up next? Stay tuned.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Inflatable Herd Fiasco

I’ve been reluctant to post about what's happened with the inflatable herd. I here by confess that I’m a complete failure as a horse wrangler. Despite my best efforts I managed to lose three horses from the herd. The last glimpse I had of them as they ran away was this:

Getting the remaining horses into the stall turned out to be a comedy of errors.

One horse impaled himself on the gate.

One horse took a ride on the ceiling fan.  

When I managed to calm them down and coax them near the stall, a leaf blew across the cobblestone floor and they freaked out all over again.

After what seemed like ages, I finally succeed corralling the horses into the stall. Exhausted, I turned to leave when I heard a tap on the barn door. I slid it open to find this interloper:

Terrific. I had to add My Little Pony to what was left of the herd. Did horses get along with ponies? 

I felt victorious when I closed the stall gate and everyone was safely inside. Luckily, the horses totally ignored the pony. Yet I couldn't help but wonder who was going to show up next a zebra? Would the runaway horses return? Stay tuned ...

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Surprise

When I woke up this Easter morning the last thing I expected to discover was an inflatable herd of horses had taken over my property. 

Eggs maybe, rabbits more likely, but inflatable brown horses? Not your usual Easter surprise. Just like when my parents gave me a pet rabbit on Easter when I was a kid, I wondered, where did they come from? An inflatable horse ranch? 

 Are they going to require special care and feeding? What am I going to name them all? What kind of trouble are they going to get into? 

Follow me on my journey as I try to tame the inflatable herd.